Tesla Core S&M Serisi

1 / 1 FAZ ; ON – LİNE Rack/ Tower UPS,

*Rack / Tower Desing

*High Frequency and true double conversion

*DSP Digital control tecnology, Input Power factor correction ( PFC )

*Wide İnput Voltage range ( 110-300 Vac.)

*Output Power Factor  0,9 , Cold Start

*Auto sending frequency, ECO Mode operation for energy saving

*Selectable output voltage  via LCD, Output bypass settable for 1,2,3 KVA. via LCD

*Power – on self test

* Advanced Battery Management (ABM)

* Short circuit and overload protection

*Automatic charging in OFF mode

*Standart RS 232 Comminication port and RJ45  

*Optional emergency power off ( EPO ), Optional extension Battery Bank

*Optional N+X redundancy Paralel on 6-10 KVA